What can be more beauiful than the picture of the two in love, especially if they are newlyweds? This photo is one of those portraying the happiest wedding moments of the couple. The happy groom, already the husband, certainly proud of having got such a beautiful woman by his side, is kissing her shoulder that is no doubt very romantic and tender. His wife closed her eyes, with a pleasure of being next to him and ready to enjoy together happy moments that they will share this day and rest of their life. How can such tenderness leave anyone indifferent?

12 Sweet Wedding Moment

Seems like everything is from a fairy tale about the princess that has just found her half. They look like being mirror of each other. The only wish I can tell is this happiness to be endless and the love the care for to be eternal.

1 Pure Love

The photo is nice but it seems to be both usual and unusual, at least for me. Usual because it’s a common thing for America to make a picture of a bride with her bridemaids, all in similar dresses and hairstyles. But unusual because it’s not common for a bride to have so many bridemaids like this (7 girls!). The bride though seems to be happy, because it’s her day today. Funny dogs on her left make the photo more vivid and natural, different from all other alike wedding pictures.

11 Bridal Party