How great it must feel when you don’t follow any old traditions and customs, the ones you don’t like and don’t want to have on your own wedding! These two have chosen their own variant of wedding and won. They are dressed very beautiful and stylish, though not in typical white fluffy dress and strict costume with a tie. Well, the groom is actually wearing a black costume but the bride has a cute closed grey dress which makes her look amazing, maybe even better than any fluffy wedding crinoline would. These two don’t stick to the traditions strictly followed by the others but it’s obvious they still feel extremely happy together and that’s the only thing that matters here.

weddings Breaking The Habits

That kiss looks more like a good bye one, there is so much passion and care in it. There is even a bit despair as if the two know, thy will never see each other again. They seem to be trying to give each other as much love and tenderness as they can before they hug and look at each other for the last time. Well, surely that is just a suggestion of how it could be if that was a good bye kiss and obviously, the two are not coming apart. But why not to bring a little bit more care and love in our everyday kisses with beloved people, even if we are not going to get lost?

love wedding A Bit More Tenderness, Love And Care In A Simple Kiss

How gorgeous the shot is and how great the two must feel at the moment, they look so delighted and beautiful even though their faces are hidden by the sun circle. They look really great in their sunny kiss, so adorable and incredibly sweet. They share such a tender moment and the photographer was really great professional of having captured it. That’s such a rare thing – to catch the sun between the heads of the kissing newlyweds. And since he did, the two seem to be blessed by the sky for their marriage.

wed To Catch The Sun Between The Heads Of The Two

How lovely and beautiful this shot looks! It seems an ideal picture of a wedding, both for the man and woman. These lovely girls in white dresses and with baskets in their hands look like two sweet angels and that’s such a cute and traditional part of any American wedding. And the two standing next to them and tenderly hugging – isn’t that a common breathtaking episode. Besides, it all takes place in the vineyard garden, an extremely picturesque and cute place that gives you some sense of home and comfort when you look at the photo. So, how can all this magnificence altogether not make you wonder and dream about right the same wedding?

wedding American Dream Wedding Parts

These two look really adorable and the whole shot looks gorgeous. They are posing next to that glamorous retro car that looks so groovy as if taken right from 1940s. It’s white and looks marvelous in that color, as is created for weddings. That’s why the two look so delighted: their private happiness is added by standing next to that gorgeous automobile and posing with it for their wedding shot. They must be thinking at his moment how great the photo will be. And they are right: the photo looks amazing.

weddings2 With That Vintage Retro Car The Wedding Shot Looks Amazing

The shot looks very joyful and bright, that sacred moment of the the church marriage is shown very lovely. Even though the two are not marying in the church building itself, still the priest is there by their house to proclaim them a husband and wife. Indeed, why not get married in chucrh when it’s such a lovely weather outside, that it’s just the God himself encouranging the newlyweds to ahve the outdoor ceremony. Everyone looks so excited and at the same time obviosuly very happy for the two, they are looking at them with adornment and gladness and it can’t be otherwise since the two look really great.

wed What About The Church Marriage Outside?

It seems there is just white color on this picture, and nothing else. The bride with fair hair in white dress is walking through the white terrace, with white balcony and chairs with table, with white floor and decorations. That’s a special effect of the photographer, to make the shot look more tender and mild. White color makes on calm down and admire the beauty, feel the grace of the bride and adore her perfect style. She looks really attractive in this focus and background, so fresh and pure in the morning, walking to her husband and getting ready for the ceremony that will make her his wife.

wd White Freshness And Beauty

How really tender that shot looks! The bride and groom are kissing on the stairs and it’s really tender and lovely. They share such a really tender moment that it makes you just admire while looking at them. They are both so elegant in their wedding finery, so really stylosh and fashionable. The shot is an ideal ociture of how a real wedding shot should look: with tenderness, love and care.

wedding A Perfectly Tender And Lovely Wedding Shot

The photo is very romantic, right because of its setting. That lighthouse behind the newlyweds looks very proper, a really good symbol, like some light in the night that the two associate their love with. When everything is dark, this lighthouse is shining, just like a strong feeling does when everything is blurred and hidden. The two look extremely gorgeous when looking at each other like that, they definitely remind some characters from the Medieval love epos, so tender, noble and romantic.

weddings By The Lighthouse

Just have a look how tenderly the groom is holding the bride’s hand and her bouquet as well. It seems he really wanted to help her so she would feel easier at least for a minute and decided to hold her bouquet. She obviously likes this gesture since she is smiling so wide to him. She obviously feels really happy with her man and that’s so understandable since he looks at her with such eyes in love

wd Looking At The Bride With Such Eyes In Love